Pastor Speechless during celebration

I’m typically never at a loss for words because being an orator is aligned with my life both personally and professionally. But today as I celebrated being the Pastor of Mount Pleasant Baptist Church for 15 years I was speechless during the celebration. Probably because being a leader of people is really not deemed celebratory as in times past. Today’s pastor is often cast aside almost even dismissed until someone is sick or in trouble. Times have certainly changed!

However, I have been blessed to share this city with some very honorable Men & Women of God who continue to hold up the Blood Stained Banner despite the jeers from the crowds! I have also been honored to have shared monumental memories with so many of you! Whether it was marrying your mate, burying your loved one or praying for your faith to be increased. No matter what the reason was I pray that me being there made a positive impact in your life!

D. M. Simmons, Pastor

As for my Mount Pleasant Family! You know how much I Love you all! We’ve had our ups and downs but love always prevailed in the end. I thank you for entrusting me to Lead and Feed while you Swallowed and Followed! God has been so good to us and He is going to do even GREATER! If I have blessed you at some point it’s ok to bless me back. Some have asked why you never add your cashapp for the public use and my response has always been “blessings will come” $LO1673 if you want to sow a seed! If not just say a kind word! Thank you! Keep being GREAT! ❤️