Pastor and First Lady Simmons
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Pastor D.M. Simmons

  Born in Cleveland, Ohio, had a passion for people and Christ from an early age. Dwayne accepted Christ as a young man attending New Light Baptist Church under the Pastorate of Rev. V.J. Weathersby. Who was known throughout the City of Cleveland as the Triple Threat because he could Preach, Pray and Sing. It was in those pews that Dwayne found himself emulating the Style, Charisma and Persona of his Pastor.

  Being raised with Southern roots it was very easy to understand the necessity of loving people from an early age. This love for people carried on throughout his adulthood. He began to minister at Blessed Hope Baptist Church under the Pastorate of Johnny Twymon.

  It was there that he learned how to bring out that Good thing that God had placed in him. Pastor Twymon worked diligently with Dwayne as a Father in the Ministry should and after 9 years of service The Lord released him to serve as Senior Pastor of the Mount Pleasant Baptist Church.

  Under his tutelage and leadership, aided by the Holy Spirit, the ministry has thrived and has become a very powerful pillar in the Mount Pleasant Community. Pastor Simmons serves as the Vice-President of the Mount Pleasant Ministerial Alliance. Through his leadership lens this organization has been responsible for some of the largest development and urban renewal projects in decades.

  Pastor Simmons is also a Coaching Champion for Northeastern Ohio. He serves with the North American Mission Board a very prestigious organization responsible for Missionary work all over the world. He has been in management for over 22 years in Corporate America. He currently manages a Care Center for  PNC Financial Services.

Pastor DM and First Lady Simmons

  Pastor Simmons is married to Latonya, they have 4 children Andrea, Adrianne, Jenai (deceased) and Brandi. His love for family and his great sense of community has made him a dynamic yet humble leader in the community in which he serves. God has blessed his ministry beyond words. TGBTG!!!!

pastor and first lady simmons

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